There are some head-scratching team names in the world of professional sports. Some are truly bad.

A good team name sound good and is marketable. The New York Knicks is a good example of this.

A great team name sounds good and ties into the history of the area. The Philadelphia 76ers would be a prime example.

Let’s take a look at the five worst team names in American professional sports

Honorable mention – Buffalo Sabres

I don’t have an issue with the word Sabre itself. My problem is with the spelling. Is Buffalo still in America? I must’ve missed that day in history class where Canada annexed Buffalo.

It’s spelled Saber in the states. The team didn’t move from a Canadian city or anything like that. They did a ‘name-the-team’ contest and apparently the owner at the title didn’t know proper American English.

  1. Cleveland Browns

This is an obvious selection. Brown is one of the least popular colors on the wheel. And the co-founder named the team after himself, Paul Brown, ego much?

I get it’s an old name that’s been around forever but the football gods granted you a free out when the team left for Baltimore. You had the chance to switch names but stuck with the Browns.

  1. Nashville Predators

I don’t necessarily hate the name. But does Predators really scream Nashville, Tennessee? Apparently, a skeleton of a saber-toothed cat was found in downtown Nashville in 1971 and they referenced their logo off of that.

Cool story bro, but I think they could’ve come up with something a little more country.

  1. Los Angeles Lakers

I actually really like the name Lakers. Shout out Lake Superior State. But not when your team plays in Los Angeles.

If you’re unaware, the team relocated to LA from Minnesota. Land of 10,000 lakes. It makes sense. But after moving to California in 1960, why not change the name?

  1. Washington Wizards

I totally understand why they moved away from being called the Bullets. And in hindsight I think we can all agree in today’s PC world that they would’ve changed names at some point anyways.

But the Wizards? You play in the national’s capital. The other three professional teams are the Capitals, Nationals and Commanders. Talk about being the black sheep.

They might as well change the name now anyways. That franchise could use a re-brand since they are so bad.

  1. New Orleans Pelicans

I will give Pelicans ownership one ounce of credit here. Pelican is the state bird of Louisiana. But my lord they should’ve went with another local angle here.

The Pelicans is the least fearful, least inspiring team name in professional sports. I don’t understand how a group of marketing professionals went around the room and all green lit this name.

Not one of them had the balls to stand up and say ‘yeah this name kind of sucks.’

Ownership also favored the names Brass and Krewe. Brass wouldn’t have been terrible. Though I would love to see the logo mock up for that one. Apparently, Krewe is a group of people that stages parades. So I’m guessing that’s related to Mardi Gras.

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