When Cade Cunningham was only a junior in high school, he was arguably on the best team in the country with Montverde Academy located in Montverde, Flordia.

During that time he helped lead the team to a 25-0 record on the season. College basketball programs all over the country wanted Cunningham before finally committing to Oklahoma State. Where he joined his brother who was an assistant with the program until this year. His freshman year at Oklahoma State he averaged 19.3 points, 6.1 rebounds, 3.6 assists, 1.5 threes and 1.4 steals. The 6’8″, 220 pound is most comparable to Luka Doncic who is currently 6’7″, 230 pounds and has similar passing abilities.

Regardless of the Detroit Pistons record currently being 19-47, Jerami Grant is still putting up career numbers. But adding a playmaker who can score alongside players like Jerami Grant and Saddiq Bey is only going to make this team harder to beat in the future. Below is the current lottery odds based on the seeding, the Detroit Pistons currently have the second best odds. You can also check out the NBA 2021 lottery odds here.

The Pistons hold the second best odds to win the lottery

Will the Detroit Pistons continue to be unlucky in the lottery?

It would be a typical Detroit Pistons scenario to land the 6th pick with the second worst record in the NBA. But if landing a prospect like Cunningham can ultimately happen, It will change the future of the franchise almost immediately. Although Killian Hayes may not be score-first, the Detroit Pistons are desperate for more scorers.

No matter how many losses the Detroit Pistons suffer this season, you can’t throw the blame onto head coach Dwayne Casey who’s been important to helping rookies improve. Pistons fans are going to have to be patient, it just might be worth it when the draft date approaches.

The 2021 NBA draft is set to air on July 31st, 2021.

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